Watch the ITV News report on ‘Banners Over Pool’

First banner goes up On a grey drizzly morning the banners are installed along the Tour de France route in Pool in Wharfedale. Even through the rain they look fantastic and stand out wonderfully against the tree-lined roads of Pool as well as the stone built buildings that Yorkshire is so famous for!

Watching a banner going upThe next morning, ITV Calendar News visited to finish the ongoing report they were completing for the three stages of banner production. 1 – The children’s art sessions, 2 – The coach trip to view the banners being printed, and finally, 3 – Installation of the banners.

Proud Mr P!The children were very excited, (and not only to be able to miss school for a while), but to be interviewed on TV and talk about what the project meant for them personally. Every child had already been around the village after school the previous day, parents in tow, to find their own banners, and were now chatting excitedly with each other about where their own was located.

A banner on a tree-line road We really must thank ITV for the wonderful report they put together confirming one of the main reasons for starting this project in the first place – to generate excitement throughout the whole village in a community project that will leave a lasting legacy for all.

Banner in the trees One child’s response brought a tear to my eye as I watched the TV report that teatime at home. “How does it feel to see your banner displayed through your own village?”

“I feel famous!”

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