1 July 2010

On her retirement in 2006, Margaret sent us a postcard which has remained on our pinboard – “Many thanks for the photograph you presented to me on my retirement – which will be a lovely reminder of our work together on all the murals. They really work well and over time when I’ve been in the hospitals there is always someone stopping to read a bit or just look at the pictures. From the visit to Leeds LGI all those years ago you were a super find – Margaret”.

We first worked with Margaret in 2003 on two murals situated in the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough. She contacted us after seeing the history displays we had created at the Leeds General Infirmary. We were also her first point of call for The Friarage Hospital. A year before, during the building process, it had been decided that a long wall in the hospitals central hub, was to be set aside for a heritage mural to be designed by us. The final mural shown below is our largest individual display to date, at 33ft wide x 8ft high.

Margaret’s achievements at the James Cook University Hospital are well documented. It is like visiting an art gallery full of wonderful examples, from paintings to sculpture and glass art – figurative to conceptual. It is well worth a look if you are in the area. The whole project was studied by the University of Durham and their findings published in their report titled, “Designing for Health: Architecture, Art and Design at the James Cook University Hospital”.


25 May 2010

We created the Friarage Hospital History Mural back in 2005. John Williams contacted us in the spring of 2010 asking where he could obtain a scaled down copy of the mural. This is his response having received the print.

“We have your image of The Mural now, nicely produced by Barry’s printer, spread out along our (fortunately) long dining room table.  It has given Margaret even more pleasure, and fascination to other family members who have viewed it.  I guess not many people have the chance to see one of the most important parts of their career recorded in this public and substantial manner.  She is able to pore over ‘her section’, and recognise former colleagues, (and remember & comment on former consultants!)  It is made even more personal for her in that she has found that she herself ‘appears’ on it not once but three times!

And our view of the mural as being a very good thing in itself, and very well done, is confirmed & reinforced.  As an unbiased observer, one of the things that has struck me is how you have given the whole a kind of feel-good element:  when one looks at it or sees it in one’s mind’s eye, it engenders this good and positive vibration.  Very skilful;  and just the thing one needs in a hospital – far more effective in my view than the abstract work I saw reported recently on the telly, designed for the entrance to a children’s ward, (though that may just be my philistine tendencies).

So this e-mail is to say thank you very much again, for your generosity, for bothering with us & taking trouble, for giving Margaret such pleasure and deep satisfaction, and for the quality and skill you have brought to the project.

With very best wishes for the future,”

Yours sincerely,

John & Margaret Williams


5 November 2009

The official opening of the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, was attended by the Countess of Wessex on a beautiful sunny day in May, 2006. She came to meet all who were involved in the mural including Margaret Baily the arts and environment manager who commissioned us, and Eva Shuttleworth, president of the Friarage Hospital Nurses’ League.