7 September 2015

sandwell-sunflower-6Judith Martin, Specialist Nurse Organ Donation, pictured here with Clinical Lead Organ Donation John Bleasdale, just sent us this feedback concerning the project we recently completed for the Sandwell General Hospital in Birmingham, following her trip to the Organ Donation Conference in America.

“The Organ Donation committee at SWBH were privileged to be able to work with Tony and Karen at Hospital Art Studio in the design and installation of the sunflower memorial. The brief was “brief” but they managed to fulfill it and more. I couldn’t have imagined such a small area being filled with such a striking piece of artwork. Its position was not our original choice but actually turned out to be better as it now fills a wall that faces staff and public as they walk the entire length of a long hospital corridor. Before it was white, well, magnolia and boring. Now what faces those on that corridor is a beautiful piece of work with a very simple but poignant message “The Gift of Life” and a much subtler message within that that encourages each and everyone who reads it to consider registering to become an organ donor. I have received such lovely feedback about the memorial and it certainly promotes discussion. I look forward to the possibility of being able to expand this piece of artwork and create an even bigger more beautiful memorial expanded from this original design when we move to our new hospital.”

Thank you very much Jude.


1 May 2015

Karen and Judith Martin, Specialist Nurse Organ DonationThis artwork has now been installed at Sandwell General Hospital in Birmingham and looks absolutely amazing. Just about everyone who passed by as we were overseeing the installation made comment – and all were complimentary!

Installation of the Sandwell Sunflower and SeedsThe three dimensional effect we were trying to achieve by the use of layered circular discs of Perspex has worked perfectly, adding wonderful shifting shadows as you view the artwork from different angles. And the immense scale of the sunflower has already proved to be a crowd stopper!

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