13 January 2010

So many things happening during December and now into January, that I’ve only just noticed a note on the pinboard to remind me to update our Blog – on an ongoing basis!

We were sent (courtesy of CBC News, Canada), a CD containing the report that went out on their main evening news depicting the unveiling of The Canadian Hospital mural. This has now been posted onto our Vimeo site.

Click here or on the image below to watch the video

You can also view other videos on this site including the King’s Mill Hospital project. This video portrays some of the coverage in local press and American newspapers, and also includes a BBC report. The local BBC featured the hospital and its American guests every evening in the week leading up to and including the event.


Videos of the installation and unveiling of murals at other hospitals can also be viewed on Though this site is at present about to be updated after listening to client comments. It seems that a lot of you don’t realise the relevance of the ‘video’ page, and therefore missing out on so much. Our videos are short compilations showing installation, general in-situ footage, public reaction and television news reports. They clearly show scale and location of our murals. We are consequently redesigning our web site to include a ‘watch the video’ tab on relevant pages in the ‘gallery’.

It also seems that if you knew one of our murals was in a hospital nearby that you would visit, just to see the ‘real thing’. We are therefore adding a ‘Locations’ page. Other than that, we need to make just slight tweaks to our website, as we’ve received so much positive feedback over the years – so why change a good thing!


17 November 2009

Thursday 5th November 2009 – Pictured here with Josie Aston, the installation team were fast and efficient so that the displays were fixed in place within a couple of hours. The mural and contributors panel are sited just beyond the main entrance of Orpington Hospital in Greater London.

Friday 6th November 2009 – Canadian television crew from CBC News arrive at 2pm. They spend the next 2 hours interviewing veterans, staff, researchers and Tony, about the design concepts and themes running through the displays. They also filmed the war graves in the churchyard’s ‘Canadian Corner’ before returning to film the official unveiling ceremony.

Josie Aston, who lead the project, fundraised and also wrote the final text, opened the proceedings, giving background information about how the project started and thanking all those involved.

Lieutenant-Colonel Denis Janelle, Army Adviser to the Canadian High Commission, assisted by a Canadian boy scout, tore off the brown wrapping paper to unveil the mural. Members of the British Legion, who actively supported the project were in attendance amongst the large audience.

The CBC News crew carried on their interviews following the official opening.
Their report was shown that evening on the main evening news in Canada.


9 November 2009

Took a trip over to Huddersfield the other day to give the mural and donor board a final check. The atmosphere at Leach Colour is wonderful; the noise of enormous printing machines at work and potent smells of printing inks. We were led through all this environment to where our mural was going through its final stage – the framing. It totally filled the room – very impressive. It’s wonderful to see it full size and the colours are just as vibrant as on our computers.

The mural was then transported to Kent by Leach Colour who installed it at the Orpington Hospital ready for the grand unveiling.


5 November 2009

Before any mural goes to print everyone has a chance for that final once-over. We met up with Josie Aston (arts coordinator) on a beautiful autumn day in October at Bromley Musuem in Kent. While we were setting up the computer to display large images on a viewing screen a large amount of tea was set to brew. We’d printed out scale versions of the mural and the donor board. We always want to make sure that everyone is happy – it’s their history after all. Everyone sat down with their cups of tea to view the slideshow and hear our talk about why the mural was first commissioned, the ideas behind the design and all information that is included. The captive audience were given the chance to air their views and also make any final amendments. Everything went very well – we took note of the few slight amendments to complete when back at work.

After the meeting we headed across to the Orpington Hospital to take another look at where the mural is to be situated, check the wall has been repainted the correct colour and double check measurements – we never take anything for granted. We have since been in constant contact with the printers, Leach Colour of Huddersfield to make sure they keep up to their usual high standards. We are all such perfectionists – Leach Colour searched out the correct varnish to make the frame just the right colour!

The Canadian Hospital Mural is due to be unveiled at a grand get together at Orpington Hospital in time for Poppy Day. We’ll let you know how it all goes.