Some architects and interior designers are very protective of the environments they design and certainly do not want the clean lines of their designs cluttering with other ‘stuff’. But art is very much an integral part of making hospitals more friendly environments to be in. Our aim is to create displays that are bright, modern and attractive that appeal to a wide audience across all age groups, displays that integrate and complement the architecture.

New hospitals create bright new state-of-the-art environments at the very heart of the community. However the planning process is often dogged by protests against the closure of the old hospital. Negative stories start at the beginning of the cycle when typically, a cherished, but crumbling, old hospital is going to be demolished – all that heritage, their hard work, their history will be lost forever, they say. That’s why we have a lot to offer when it comes to reassuring people that their old hospital will be celebrated in the new one – buildings, staff, patients and communities alike.

At King’s Mill Hospital in Nottinghamshire we designed 6 murals and 10 giant banners, that hang above the murals, that are displayed along the entire length of the new King’s Treatment Centre. The KTC ‘street’ links the whole of the new hospital and with 9m high walls and an opaque domed roof structure, provide plenty of natural light for the dramatic large scale artwork.

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