Cut-out Metal BirdsOur latest organ donor artwork has moved onto the next stage. We visited the hospital taking along many samples with birds created in two ways. Shown here is one style with feathers and outer shape laser cut from various metals including brass, copper, rusted corten and stainless steel.

printed metal effect birdsThe other style, as shown above, has been created with aged metal finishes.

Tony holds printed birdTaking along samples is of major importance when there will be over 100 birds fitted in this space! Significant choices had to be made: what style will view best from a distance, can the wall take the amount of fittings needed and what are the best fittings for this scale of project.

Paul picks up big birdThis photo shows the largest bird that will feature, which is an Egret, along with the consultant and principal leader of this project. Sorry, but I just have to quote what he said as this photo was being taken, which had us all laughing. “Paul picks up big bird!”

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