Our first contact with ’the NOC’, or Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, was via a direct contact email from our hospitalartstudio website on 17 July 2007. It stated: ‘I am the arts co-ordinator for the hospital and I am looking into putting together a mural about the history of the hospital’.

The arts coordinator, Tom Cox, was already working on securing a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and our first involvement was a site visit to talk about design options and view potential locations for the project. Tom then set about securing funding and started the process of researching the history of the NOC. This included the involvement of local schools and the hospitals’ arts group.

Historical photo of the Nuffield Orthopaedic CentreIn June 2009 Tom Cox visited us to review the archive and after collating this we created a draft design highlighting the hospitals’ main achievements. Using this as a starting point we were then able to steer the way forward, highlighting gaps requiring more information. Over the last few months we have updated the draft designs to reflect the approved themes, whilst staff, chosen for their specific knowledge and expertise, were tasked with checking the content and filling any gaps where they felt more information was required.

Glass fronted atrium at the NOCPROJECT SCOPE
As visitors enter the NOC from the car park they are faced with the dramatic scale of the glass fronted atrium that comprises the main reception area. This imposing glass frontage will depict abstract images of the stem cell research carried out at the NOC in a design we are creating that will be bright, dramatic and colourful. The semi-transparent images will be applied using high quality window film that can be viewed from inside and out.

Location for the NOC Heritage MuralAt the centre of the atrium, the reception desk and security office are housed in a large circular column reaching up high into the roof structure. The main heritage display will be wrapped around this circular column. Six feature panels will each focus on different subject categories and will be separated by brushed stainless steel semi-circular columns. The columns will include captioned anatomical and skeletal images, focussing on specific orthopaedic treatments carried out at the NOC. They will also include audio pods, adding an extra dimension to the visual displays. Captioned buttons will allow users to select audio recordings featuring personal reminiscences of former staff and patients.

Completion and installation is planned for this Summer, 2010.

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