30 July 2015

new-business-cardsIn case you haven’t noticed, we have updated our logo and stationery and will be updating our website in the coming months. We have just had delivery of our new business cards – the reverse features a cross section of different projects from our portfolio. There’s a small detail that we rather like – the front of our cards just feature half of the logo, but on opposite sides so that they fit together making the identity complete.


30 July 2015

Fespa International Award TrophyHere is the trophy won at the FESPA International Print Awards. Thanks to Chris at Digital Plus who popped round with duplicates for ourselves and both hospitals that were jointly entered. We won the silver award in a multi-national category featuring 44 large scale project entries, literally from across the globe. The projects were the 2 linked organ donor artworks we created for Wrexham Maelor and Bangor Ysbyty Gwynedd Hospitals. This is the second year in a row that Digital Plus has entered and won for the projects we have worked on together. We like to think it’s really good teamwork – innovative design and artwork with high quality printing and installation!


15 June 2015

Pool-Riverside-Park-9The Official Opening Day of Pool Riverside Park by Councillor Barry Anderson – Sunday 14 June 2015 – with Pool’s King and Queen, Greg Mulholland MP, with Richard Parker and John Porter of the RGMC (the park’s management committee) and artist Karen van de Bospoort. Also attending were all the other members of the RGMC and Councillor Caroline Anderson.

Thanks to all who contributed, including all the children from Pool C of E School, to make this such a great community project!


15 June 2015

VoiceIn-JournalThis all came as a bit of a surprise to me – that is, being asked to appear in a new online arts magazine. What an opportunity, so I of course said “Yes!”

Unfortunately as this was a personal interview it comes across a bit one sided! But, of course without Tony all work would never have been completed. He pushes all initial ideas with his ideals, guidance and research of materials, etc., to make sure that all projects are completed to the highest professional conclusion. In fact we work together as a tightly knit team, in which neither could have achieved so much without the other!

To read the interview go to –


9 June 2015

Royal Blackburn Hospital - The Original Prayer 'Pin' BoardWe have both really enjoyed solving this particular project for the Royal Blackburn Hospitals’ Spiritual Care Centre – using just a bit of lateral thinking! How to turn something that is easy to use and much appreciated into a thing of beauty – but still easy to use. Anything too complicated might put people off in an instant!

New Prayer MeadowAfter seeing some of our other artwork, Andrew liked the concept of an artwork that incorporates seed-heads – a metaphor for the fragility of continuing life. We wanted to create a delicate piece of art to enhance the calming environment of the Spiritual Care Centre, and also establish a special area for people who are visiting and want to leave a prayer for their loved ones.

Prayer Cards in the Prayer MeadowThe Prayer Cards are designed to complement the overall design. Provided as a pdf document any member of staff in the Spiritual Care Centre can reproduce the cards when needed. The Prayer Cards actually add to the overall design when placed into the curving cardholder, as this is fitted with regular ‘spacers’ that encourage the cards to be displayed at jaunty angles.


4 June 2015

FESPA-award-2015-1Fantastic news – we have again won an award at the International FESPA Awards – this time Silver! Which is a massive achievement considering there were altogether 44 worldwide applications endeavouring to win in this category!

We have won for overall innovation and creativity of the organ donor artworks that we completed for Wrexham Maelor Hospital and Bangor Ysbyty Gwynedd Hospital.

With our print and installation company, Digital Plus, we entered both hospital artworks jointly into the FESPA Annual Awards. They attended and collected the award in Cologne on 19th May.


1 May 2015

Karen and Judith Martin, Specialist Nurse Organ DonationThis artwork has now been installed at Sandwell General Hospital in Birmingham and looks absolutely amazing. Just about everyone who passed by as we were overseeing the installation made comment – and all were complimentary!

Installation of the Sandwell Sunflower and SeedsThe three dimensional effect we were trying to achieve by the use of layered circular discs of Perspex has worked perfectly, adding wonderful shifting shadows as you view the artwork from different angles. And the immense scale of the sunflower has already proved to be a crowd stopper!

Have a look in our Gallery page to see more photos and information.


11 March 2015

Since our first Organ Donation ‘Memorial’ for the Royal Berkshire Hospital and subsequently for the Ysbyty Gwynedd Hospital and the Wrexham Maelor Hospital both in North Wales, we have had many enquiries to complete projects along a similar vein. I think this is primarily because we had deconstructed the initial brief, turning our clients’ initial directives, that might have resulted in designs for a simple commemoration plaque, into artworks that are inspiring, large scale and beautiful to view.

At the moment we are working on three projects, with a few more still at the initial enquiry stage. This month I have chosen to depict one that is in its final stage, almost ready to go to print. The concept for this project involves the depiction of a large sunflower, those splendid flower heads that infer happiness and resemble the sun – giver of all life, along with its seeds to convey how,

“Seed dispersal is nature’s way of creating and continuing life.”

Gift of Life Sunflower - artist depiction of acrylic layersWhat makes every project so enjoyable to complete is that every one is unique and brings its own restrictions and demands. This particular brief required a design for a piece of art that would be not only eye-catching in its space but also be able to be moved and expanded into a new, brighter and bigger environment in a few years time.

By utilising natural shadows to give a real feeling of depth, the artwork is created on two circular discs of clear acrylic, held apart with stand off wall fixings. The darker sunflower petals and sunflower seeds are reverse printed onto the lower acrylic disc fixed just off the wall, while the brighter sunflower petals and wording are on the upper disc. Sunflower seeds tumble away from this flower, dispersing across the wall, inferring the creation of new life.

Gift of Life Sunflower with seedsIn its new space these seeds will be created from molded ceramics, but for now they will be printed onto self-adhesive vinyl. The sunflower can be simply moved to its new wall space – or we may even create a larger three-dimensional version using treated metals.

We look forward to seeing this artwork completed and installed and will post more details, including where it is situated, when this has been accomplished!


11 February 2015

Map of Pool Riverside Park Printers ProofA large meeting was held at the weekend in Pool Village Hall to discus many local matters of interest. This included the first view of the Pool Riverside Park interpretation panel. This was produced as a printers proof to give the local community time for their comments. The completed Pool in Wharfedale Tour de France video – produced by our video artist son, Harry, was also available for viewing. Both projects have involved the local community and received some fantastic feedback – even from persons further afield!

The next stage for the Riverside panels is final print and installation in two locations around the park. Keep checking this blog for further details!


17 December 2014

The University of Leeds working with the national organisation, IntoUniversity, has established a new centre in East Leeds. This centre works with primary and secondary school age children to raise both their educational attainment and aspirations. The centre, in a large first floor of St Aidan’s Church in Harehills, Leeds, hosts homework clubs, study weeks and mentoring.

The University and a number of private donors raised funding for this very worthwhile project to be established. Our brief was to recognise their contribution by naming them prominently in an eye-catching display, appropriate to the venue and the audience.

IIntoUniversity Sponsor Recognition DisplayAnd this is the result – but not a traditional engraved plaque. We designed brightly coloured owls to symbolise not only wisdom, but in recognition of the well-known emblem for Leeds! The flying owls swooping down, bringing in the names of private donors, also adds a magical, school-age note with its hint to the stories of Harry Potter!

The Perspex sign was fitted in place, floating over the old brickwork with spacers. We are really pleased with the end result!