3 June 2016

Birds-galore!Here are a few more birds ready for installation.

Dunlin-in-Aged-BrassThis bird is a Dunlin produced in an Aged Brass finish.

Little-Tern-in-Aged-SteelAnd this delicate little bird is a Little Tern created in Aged Steel


30 May 2016

Brent-Geese-in-Aged-Copper-and-Rusted-SteelWe visited our specialist print and installation partners, Digital Plus, the other day to check out the progress of our ‘Birds of the Estuary’ organ donor artwork. Everything looked pretty impressive! The installation will feature over 100 birds all uniquely cutout in a variety of metal finishes – a massive undertaking! This will easily be our largest organ donation project to date! Eight varieties of estuary birds have been chosen ranging in size from Swallows and Dunlin up to the largest, the Little Egret.

Cutout-Lettering-in-Aged-BrassAnd, as you can see from the above photo, the “Gift of Life’ lettering is also very big! Every element, apart from the supplementary wording, is to be fixed with varying sized stand off fixings to give an added sense of depth! The installation will start in just over a weeks time and take over two days to complete. We will post the name of the hospital, photos and lots of other information on our return.



18 April 2016

Cut-out Metal BirdsOur latest organ donor artwork has moved onto the next stage. We visited the hospital taking along many samples with birds created in two ways. Shown here is one style with feathers and outer shape laser cut from various metals including brass, copper, rusted corten and stainless steel.

printed metal effect birdsThe other style, as shown above, has been created with aged metal finishes.

Tony holds printed birdTaking along samples is of major importance when there will be over 100 birds fitted in this space! Significant choices had to be made: what style will view best from a distance, can the wall take the amount of fittings needed and what are the best fittings for this scale of project.

Paul picks up big birdThis photo shows the largest bird that will feature, which is an Egret, along with the consultant and principal leader of this project. Sorry, but I just have to quote what he said as this photo was being taken, which had us all laughing. “Paul picks up big bird!”


9 December 2015

Gift of Life Dandelion Seedheads close-upThis past weekend, whilst other parts of the country were suffering floods, we spent a very enjoyable time in and around Plymouth. This was not simply a weekend break though, as part of the time was spent in the main entrance to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. The reason we were in Plymouth was to oversee the installation of our latest organ donation art that began on Friday morning – with much excited eagerness on our part!

Installation of Plymouth Organ Donation ArtHuge thanks go to the installation team, whose composed attention to detail and expertise takes the pressure out of what could be a very stressful situation. Even when everything has been planned meticulously, spares have to be in supply just in case slight, at the last minute, amendments need to be made!

Plymouth Hospital Seedheads close-upEven though we have viewed the artwork on computer many times, Photoshopping the design onto images of the hospital wall, the final scale just takes our breath away! And indeed the comments we received from many people passing along the corridor showed they felt the same way! It is at times like these that we both feel extremely elated that as artists we are doing all we can to bring the message of organ donation to life, whilst at the same time creating a stunning piece of art for all to appreciate.

Plymouth Organ Donation Art Unveiling EventMonday morning was the inauguration ceremony led by Martin Walker, Chair of the PHNT Organ Donation Committee, who said: “The Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust Organ Donation Committee wished to formally and publicly acknowledge the profound generosity of organ donors, and their families who so kindly supported their decision, by commissioning a suitable piece of art.”

Sean Carey, Principal Clinical Scientist in the Combined Labs at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, donated a kidney to his older brother Julian in June 2013. He said: “From the donor’s point of view it is such a safe thing to do and there is no change in lifestyle. From the recipient’s point of view my brother has just come back from a two week holiday which he would not have been able to have before the transplant and he is in full time work which was severely curtailed previously by dialysis three times a week and periods of illness.”

Showing the scale of the new Plymouth Organ Donation ArtAnd Tony, while being interviewed for ITV West Country News, said: “The design provides a strong metaphor for survival – the dandelion seed heads being nature’s timepiece and the seeds themselves leading to regeneration, restoration and the continuation of life. It will provide a focus of attention in the main concourse and be a fitting tribute and recognition of the generosity contained within the act of organ donation.”


1 December 2015

Steel-seeds-all-sizesVisiting our specialist print and installation partners, Digital Plus, to go through final checks means that our latest arts project is only days away from being unveiled! The process to get to this stage is very enjoyable and comprehensive.

It all starts with the concept, this is my realm, whereby I try not to think about how ideas can be achieved, just be as creative as possible. I think this is why Tony and I work so well together, pushing the creative boundaries to their furthest point.

Steel-seeds-circle-styleTony then takes control, liaising with the printers, making exacting calculations, choosing just the right materials and colours, and at all times communicating with the client to check they are perfectly happy and that the space and all walls can contain the fixtures and fittings.

We then work closely with our partners and collaborators, who suggest alternatives when a process is unfeasible to create a beautifully finished end result that resembles the original design concept as closely as possible. And of course there is the upcoming installation! We work with specialists in this field for their expertise, attention to detail and care for safety procedures.

Karen van de Bospoort


18 November 2015

Metal-Seed-PrototypeHere are the first prototypes for our latest organ donation artwork. This project is well underway and due for installation early December 2015.


17 November 2015

Estuary Bird SketchesHere are the first sketches of estuary birds for our latest organ donation arts project.

IntoUniversity Education Plaque for South Leeds

16 November 2015

IntoUniversity-South-Leeds-plaque-1The University of Leeds working with the national organisation IntoUniversity, has established a new centre in South Leeds. This centre works with primary and secondary school age children to raise both their educational attainment and aspirations. This is the second centre of this kind and we have designed sponsor recognition plaques for both.

IntoUniversity-South-Leeds-plaque-2We have illustrated brightly coloured owls to highlight the sponsors in a fun way. Owls are the well-known emblem for Leeds and also symbolise wisdom!

Building Better Healthcare Awards 2015

10 November 2015

BBH Awards 2015 FinalistWe were very proud to have been shortlisted for this very prestigious award. We attended the event on Wednesday 4 November in London, along with members of the Organ Donation Committee for Wrexham Maelor Hospital and the Ysbyty Gwynedd Hospital in Bangor.

Harri Owen-Jones and others at the eventGreat to meet up again with everyone we had worked with on both these fantastic projects to recognise the importance of organ donation.

Members of the Organ donation Committee at BBH Awards


7 September 2015

sandwell-sunflower-6Judith Martin, Specialist Nurse Organ Donation, pictured here with Clinical Lead Organ Donation John Bleasdale, just sent us this feedback concerning the project we recently completed for the Sandwell General Hospital in Birmingham, following her trip to the Organ Donation Conference in America.

“The Organ Donation committee at SWBH were privileged to be able to work with Tony and Karen at Hospital Art Studio in the design and installation of the sunflower memorial. The brief was “brief” but they managed to fulfill it and more. I couldn’t have imagined such a small area being filled with such a striking piece of artwork. Its position was not our original choice but actually turned out to be better as it now fills a wall that faces staff and public as they walk the entire length of a long hospital corridor. Before it was white, well, magnolia and boring. Now what faces those on that corridor is a beautiful piece of work with a very simple but poignant message “The Gift of Life” and a much subtler message within that that encourages each and everyone who reads it to consider registering to become an organ donor. I have received such lovely feedback about the memorial and it certainly promotes discussion. I look forward to the possibility of being able to expand this piece of artwork and create an even bigger more beautiful memorial expanded from this original design when we move to our new hospital.”

Thank you very much Jude.