While visiting a family member undergoing surgery to mend a broken toe, I decided to have a look around the many corridors at the LGI. I’d noticed one of the murals we’d designed for the LGI had been moved, just from one wall to the opposite, and thought ‘I wonder if all the others are still in their original locations.’

Our very first ever heritage mural, completed in 1993 was still in the Gilbert Scott Building. It gave me some pride to think that our artwork is situated in such a distinguished location. The exterior of the architecture is similar in style to that of the newly renovated St Pancras Station in London – that is because it is by the very same famous architect, Sir Gilbert Scott!

I also noticed that the Catering Mural that we had designed not as an historical mural but to convey the excellent catering standards within the hospital, had been moved. This was first located in the basement, near to the catering facilities, but has since been moved into a much more prominent position. Nice to see!

The Killingbeck Hospital murals, all 7 of them, were in their same location. Someone was reading one of the panels, deep in concentration.

And finally I took another look at the mural celebrating the history of A&E at the LGI. This was the mural that had started my whole treasure hunt off, after noticing that it had been moved to the opposite wall of the corridor, just off the main entrance to the Jubilee Building. It had obviously had to be moved as a new entrance door now stood in the way of its original location!

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