We first encountered Josie while she was working for one of our clients, Tonic, the arts programme at Leeds Teaching Hospitals. Some years later she contacted us while running a hospital arts programme: ‘ArtsEnhance’ in Bromley, Kent. A new LIFT building, the Beckenham Beacon, was being constructed in the borough – a health ‘one stop shop’. Local residents were pleased to have the new facilities but sad that the name “Beckenham Hospital” would be dropped, as their local hospital had been significant, particularly when the area was bombed heavily during the Second World War.

Josie set up a history group with help from the curator at the local museum, and a radiologist on the hospital staff who kept an archive of local historical material. Current and retired staff contributed, as did members of the public and ArtsEnhance’s volunteers. Josie also obtained funding for the panels from various donations.

We have since also worked with Josie on the Canadian Hospital mural in Orpington, Kent that is to be unveiled in time for Poppy Day 2009.

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