After working on the heritage display for the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford on and off for the last three years; it’s now at its final stage.

I am extremely pleased with how the design has worked out. I’ve used a strict grid of colour coded ‘bars’ to literally suggest the building blocks of life, in other words, the important stem cell research that is carried out at the hospital. These ‘blocks’ also reflect the windowpanes on the dramatic glass fronted atrium of the main reception area, where the mural will be situated.

Six feature panels focus on different subject categories highlighting the differences between past and present care. These are separated by brushed aluminium columns that feature anatomical dot-screen printed images. Installation is now complete but covered up ready for the unveiling event on 7 June. As usual I can’t wait to see the mural all complete, and the first reactions of everyone at the hospital.

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