In June 2009 we were contacted by Matron Jill Anderson at the John Coupland Hospital in Gainsborough requesting details on the heritage displays we create specifically for hospitals.

Having provided Jill with case studies and planning guidelines we heard nothing more till January this year. In the meantime Jill had set up a history group made up of past and present staff and other interested parties. They researched the history and with the help of the Gainsborough District and Heritage Association and the local library and newspapers, obtained news cuttings and photos covering the opening and development of the hospital.

We were then invited to review the information, and following this put a detailed proposal together. It was decided to create two distinctly different heritage displays. The first, which will be officially opened on the 10th July this year, will portray the history from the planning and official opening of the hospital in the early 1900’s to the birth of the NHS in 1948. The second display will follow when the hospital’s new wing opens, and will bring the story right up to date.

The first heritage mural will be a little over 20ft wide and almost 6ft high at its apex. The mural will feature a solid oak frame to replicate the beautiful aged oak panelling of the original hospital. The impressive Georgian exterior will feature at the centre of the display on a separate section that will appear to float in front of the sections to left and right. This effect will be emphasised by using contrasting reflective and non-reflective finishes. Selected images, within the non-reflective left and right sections, will also be over-mounted with a reflective finish to stand proud, adding to the three dimensional effect.

The mural’s overall design has been approved and we are now in the process of writing the final text and preparing high resolution artwork.

It looks great and we are all really excited!

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