Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Just had a fantastic weekend up in Scotland; the weather was good too! Edinburgh has always been one of my favourite cities, especially because I used to spend summers while a student helping out at the Fringe. For free board, (a sleeping bag on any available floor space), I would design posters and help out serving during intervals at a small venue called ‘St Columba’s by the Castle’. While other people spent time queuing to try to get in to see Roger McGough, I would sit in the wings listening for free, mesmerised by his poetry. In fact one day Melvin Bragg was so annoyed to be turned away. “Don’t you know who I am!” he said. “Yes, but there are just no seats left.” Another time I was roped in to help work the puppets for a children’s puppet show – great fun! We were even reviewed on Scottish tv!

This year we saw a bit of comedy, and then spent a very enjoyable evening watching various music bands in a small cellar venue. We walked back in the early hours, eating fried haggis and chips to try to soak up all the alcohol we had consumed! Another day we watched a very thought provoking play about euthanasia, viewed a few art galleries, and an amazing dance company. The contemporary dance was an eclectic mix of infectious energy and multimedia. Each dance was accompanied by music soundtracks that could be a medley of shifting waves on a pebbly beach, or rushing wind overlaid onto classical music played backwards. Sometimes the dancing was choreographed to include videoworks, intervals also featured creatively shot dance videos. The atmosphere was electric, everything, including lighting, harmonized into a totally inspirational experience.