9 June 2015

Royal Blackburn Hospital - The Original Prayer 'Pin' BoardWe have both really enjoyed solving this particular project for the Royal Blackburn Hospitals’ Spiritual Care Centre – using just a bit of lateral thinking! How to turn something that is easy to use and much appreciated into a thing of beauty – but still easy to use. Anything too complicated might put people off in an instant!

New Prayer MeadowAfter seeing some of our other artwork, Andrew liked the concept of an artwork that incorporates seed-heads – a metaphor for the fragility of continuing life. We wanted to create a delicate piece of art to enhance the calming environment of the Spiritual Care Centre, and also establish a special area for people who are visiting and want to leave a prayer for their loved ones.

Prayer Cards in the Prayer MeadowThe Prayer Cards are designed to complement the overall design. Provided as a pdf document any member of staff in the Spiritual Care Centre can reproduce the cards when needed. The Prayer Cards actually add to the overall design when placed into the curving cardholder, as this is fitted with regular ‘spacers’ that encourage the cards to be displayed at jaunty angles.