7 September 2015

sandwell-sunflower-6Judith Martin, Specialist Nurse Organ Donation, pictured here with Clinical Lead Organ Donation John Bleasdale, just sent us this feedback concerning the project we recently completed for the Sandwell General Hospital in Birmingham, following her trip to the Organ Donation Conference in America.

“The Organ Donation committee at SWBH were privileged to be able to work with Tony and Karen at Hospital Art Studio in the design and installation of the sunflower memorial. The brief was “brief” but they managed to fulfill it and more. I couldn’t have imagined such a small area being filled with such a striking piece of artwork. Its position was not our original choice but actually turned out to be better as it now fills a wall that faces staff and public as they walk the entire length of a long hospital corridor. Before it was white, well, magnolia and boring. Now what faces those on that corridor is a beautiful piece of work with a very simple but poignant message “The Gift of Life” and a much subtler message within that that encourages each and everyone who reads it to consider registering to become an organ donor. I have received such lovely feedback about the memorial and it certainly promotes discussion. I look forward to the possibility of being able to expand this piece of artwork and create an even bigger more beautiful memorial expanded from this original design when we move to our new hospital.”

Thank you very much Jude.


28 March 2011

We ere contacted via email the other day by Andrew Birkitt, Exhibitions Officer and a Founder Member of the Gainsborough and District Heritage Association.

“I understand that your team were responsible for the mural in the John Coupland Hospital in Gainsborough that we were involved in the research of, and I was wondering if you had any interesting photos of the mural that we could use on our fanpage. In the meantime I would like to add my own congratulations on the finished result, it is something I have admired on several occasions.”

The following link takes you through to the feature.


28 March 2011

We worked alongside The League of Friends of the Stead Hospital throughout this project and their response has been enthusiastic at all times. When we are given a free reign (as we are very lucky to be able to do on most projects), we are able to really push the boundaries to complete a project that is immensely satisfying to ourselves and to all those involved.  We are extremely pleased with the finished mural with its laser cut stainless steel frame, and to receive the following letter just adds to our sense of pride that we have achieved the best job possible.

“Dear Karen and Tony

Peter and I called in Redcar Hospital today to view the completed artwork. We were very impressed; we think you’ve done a fantastic job. I’m sure all our members will be happy with it. It’s been lovely meeting you both and thanks for the wonderful mural; you are very talented. Look forward to seeing you at the unveiling.”

Joan Elders, Chairman of The League of Friends of the Stead Hospital, Redcar


25 May 2010

We created the Friarage Hospital History Mural back in 2005. John Williams contacted us in the spring of 2010 asking where he could obtain a scaled down copy of the mural. This is his response having received the print.

“We have your image of The Mural now, nicely produced by Barry’s printer, spread out along our (fortunately) long dining room table.  It has given Margaret even more pleasure, and fascination to other family members who have viewed it.  I guess not many people have the chance to see one of the most important parts of their career recorded in this public and substantial manner.  She is able to pore over ‘her section’, and recognise former colleagues, (and remember & comment on former consultants!)  It is made even more personal for her in that she has found that she herself ‘appears’ on it not once but three times!

And our view of the mural as being a very good thing in itself, and very well done, is confirmed & reinforced.  As an unbiased observer, one of the things that has struck me is how you have given the whole a kind of feel-good element:  when one looks at it or sees it in one’s mind’s eye, it engenders this good and positive vibration.  Very skilful;  and just the thing one needs in a hospital – far more effective in my view than the abstract work I saw reported recently on the telly, designed for the entrance to a children’s ward, (though that may just be my philistine tendencies).

So this e-mail is to say thank you very much again, for your generosity, for bothering with us & taking trouble, for giving Margaret such pleasure and deep satisfaction, and for the quality and skill you have brought to the project.

With very best wishes for the future,”

Yours sincerely,

John & Margaret Williams