So many things happening during December and now into January, that I’ve only just noticed a note on the pinboard to remind me to update our Blog – on an ongoing basis!

We were sent (courtesy of CBC News, Canada), a CD containing the report that went out on their main evening news depicting the unveiling of The Canadian Hospital mural. This has now been posted onto our Vimeo site.

Click here or on the image below to watch the video

You can also view other videos on this site including the King’s Mill Hospital project. This video portrays some of the coverage in local press and American newspapers, and also includes a BBC report. The local BBC featured the hospital and its American guests every evening in the week leading up to and including the event.


Videos of the installation and unveiling of murals at other hospitals can also be viewed on Though this site is at present about to be updated after listening to client comments. It seems that a lot of you don’t realise the relevance of the ‘video’ page, and therefore missing out on so much. Our videos are short compilations showing installation, general in-situ footage, public reaction and television news reports. They clearly show scale and location of our murals. We are consequently redesigning our web site to include a ‘watch the video’ tab on relevant pages in the ‘gallery’.

It also seems that if you knew one of our murals was in a hospital nearby that you would visit, just to see the ‘real thing’. We are therefore adding a ‘Locations’ page. Other than that, we need to make just slight tweaks to our website, as we’ve received so much positive feedback over the years – so why change a good thing!

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