We are well on the way with the design for the illustrated mural to be sited in the brand new Women and Children’s Centre at King’s Mill Hospital. The project brief stated that the design needed to be attractive for children and young people and at the same time acknowledge the generosity of the local community and the achievements of the Charitable Appeals Trust.

Our concept is to use hot air balloons as a ‘vehicle’ to carry photographs representing some of the most noteworthy fundraising achievements. Trailing from each photo will be a banner giving a brief description of the event. The main mural title will feature on the basket of the large centre balloon, the basket full of excited, smiling children.

I totally adore working on projects like this, and am now onto the next stage of illustrating the country landscape. As requested by the client I have included ‘The Major Oak’ of Sherwood Forest (the large tree on the left). This is reported to be the most famous living tree in the world that according to local legend once used to shelter Robin Hood and his band of merry men. I have also been asked to include some small animals and birds into the landscape.

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