Members of the Charitable Appeals Trust turned up for their regular evening meeting to be greeted by three colourful illustrated murals. After 25 years and having raised over £2.3 million, our murals are to be a permanent reminder to all visitors to the Children Centre in the King’s Mill Hospital of their significant achievements. In fact, as Frances Stein, Chairman of the Appeals Trust informed me on the telephone the next morning, it was to be their very last meeting.

Tony had been present to oversee the installation of the murals, but this evening’s celebrations were the first time I had viewed them personally. We arrived slightly before everyone else to photograph our latest project, and I was extremely impressed with the high quality of print and fitting. It’s wonderful when you have spent so much time and injected so much enthusiasm into a project that the end result appears just how you expected.

And, I wasn’t the only one to be impressed! We were congratulated many times by the Trust members on our creativity to create a bright colourful mural that not only appeals to children, young people and their parents, but also acknowledges the generosity of the local community and the massive achievements of the Charitable Appeals Trust.

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