29 August 2012

Over the last two years, whenever I could string together a few days or a week here and there, I have been working hard on writing a book. This, my first novel, started life as separate tales of our totally naive experiences of setting up home in a ramshackle old cottage buried deep in beautiful natural woodland.

I have written each chapter in an amusing and poignant style, starting in the more comfortable present then reverting back to tell the tale of how this was achieved. Looking back, I’m not sure I could now endure all the hardships we went through, but at the time every event turned into a comical adventure.

The overwhelming love we felt for our location, discovering the joys of wildlife on our doorstep, were at complete odds to the dirt and squalor we endured while renovating our home. Our almost violent clashes with workmen were countered by the deep friendships we built up with delightful, sometimes quirky neighbours. Well they had to be quirky to live in the middle of a wood – didn’t they?

I have, for now, self-published my finished book as an e-book to be read by anyone who owns a Kindle. And of course, as a graphic designer, I have designed and illustrated the front cover. Over the next few months I will be marketing my book in various ways, including going down the route of publishing hard copies through CreateSpace on Amazon. This is to make my novel available to all those who prefer to hold a book in their hands; which as an avid reader myself, is what I prefer.

If you wish to check out ‘A Tunnel of Leaves’ click on the link below –

Butterfly Organ Donation Memorial

14 August 2012

We are now in the final stages of creating a massive and inspiring artwork – a lasting memorial specially created as a big thank you to all those people who have registered, and who have become, an organ donor at a specific hospital in England. Butterflies indigenous to the locality of the hospital are used to create an exciting, attention-grabbing piece of art – an artwork that adds beauty to the space whilst delivering its vitally important message.

We are very excited about the project and would love to tell you more, but unfortunately the hospital wishes to keep this exclusive project under wraps for just a little while longer. We will of course be revealing all in a later blog!