Building Better Healthcare website feature

26 May 2010

Building Better Healthcare editor Jo Makosinski contacted us last week to write a feature about our highly specialised heritage displays for hospitals and medical centres. You can read the article on the BBH website by clicking on the link below.


25 May 2010

We created the Friarage Hospital History Mural back in 2005. John Williams contacted us in the spring of 2010 asking where he could obtain a scaled down copy of the mural. This is his response having received the print.

“We have your image of The Mural now, nicely produced by Barry’s printer, spread out along our (fortunately) long dining room table.  It has given Margaret even more pleasure, and fascination to other family members who have viewed it.  I guess not many people have the chance to see one of the most important parts of their career recorded in this public and substantial manner.  She is able to pore over ‘her section’, and recognise former colleagues, (and remember & comment on former consultants!)  It is made even more personal for her in that she has found that she herself ‘appears’ on it not once but three times!

And our view of the mural as being a very good thing in itself, and very well done, is confirmed & reinforced.  As an unbiased observer, one of the things that has struck me is how you have given the whole a kind of feel-good element:  when one looks at it or sees it in one’s mind’s eye, it engenders this good and positive vibration.  Very skilful;  and just the thing one needs in a hospital – far more effective in my view than the abstract work I saw reported recently on the telly, designed for the entrance to a children’s ward, (though that may just be my philistine tendencies).

So this e-mail is to say thank you very much again, for your generosity, for bothering with us & taking trouble, for giving Margaret such pleasure and deep satisfaction, and for the quality and skill you have brought to the project.

With very best wishes for the future,”

Yours sincerely,

John & Margaret Williams


25 May 2010

Tom Cox has been arts coordinator at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre (NOC)  since 2004. During that time the hospital has changed dramatically with a construction of a new two phase PFI hospital. His original brief was to bring art in to the new areas of the hospital and over the years the NOC has displayed artwork by hundreds of local and national artists, hosted musicians and dancers and worked with the local community and schools to enliven the hospital.

“The NOC has a rich and interesting history and it has been a long term ambition of the hospital Chair to have a display in the new hospital telling the story of the hospital from its beginnings in 1872 to the present day. The hospital received a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund in 2009 and have been working with local schools and the Oxfordshire Health Archives to achieve this. The mural will be displayed in the main hospital atrium and will provide our patients, staff and visitors with stimulating and informative display.”

Tom Cox – May 2010


25 May 2010

Art and Participation Consultant
Former Hospital Art coordinator at Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Niki Holmes is an enthusiastic, creative professional, with over ten years experience as an Arts project coordinator and creative consultant working with interdisciplinary teams. Niki has worked principally in strategic development, management, facilitation and fundraising support for varied collaborative and participatory projects in the public realm and health, enabling audience access and stakeholder engagement within Design, the Visual and Performance Arts.

Niki worked closely with Woodgate Design on the King’s Mill Hospital History Display, having proposed our work for commission to hospital Chair and Design Champion, Brian Meakin.

“I am attracted to active involvement in this sphere of the Arts by its sheer diversity and ability to bring about lasting benefits and insight for the individuals and agencies it engages. I am committed enabling successful shared creative outcomes.”

Niki Holmes – May 2010