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Birmingham Womens Hospital Heritage Mural Update

located at Birmingham Womens Hospital, Edgbaston, Warwickshire, England

Project Scope

We designed 4 murals, each 8ft x 4ft back in 2000. Each display covering a different aspect of the hospital's history. We were invited back in 2008 to bring the story up-to-date with a 5th mural and an accompanying banner.



We decided to show the images just as they might have been found in some dusty cupboard, creating ‘tatty’ edges to some, picture frames to others. The captions for most of the images were applied as they might have been originally found - typed on strips of paper, just starting to peel off.


To make the panels appealing to children we added an illustrated border with subject matter relating to the content of the panel. Dates to show ‘History of the Hospitals’, brightly coloured hands to show ‘Changes in Care’, a bee flying towards a line of flowers to show ‘Gynaecology/Care for Women’ (i.e. fertilization), and toys to show ‘Maternity and Baby Care’.


Eight years later we were again commissioned to create a new mural to celebrate important events since the previous four murals had been unveiled. The year of 2008 also coincided with the 40th anniversary of the hospital and the 60th anniversary of the NHS. We also designed a brightly coloured free hanging banner picking out events happening during the three most important years of the hospital.

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